Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chocolate Chip Roll Out Cookies

I've been meaning to try a new recipe with decorated cookies for  a while and finally got around to trying this recipe recently.

It is really good, so good that only a few cookies survived to get any sort of decoration at all.

This recipe seems a bit heavy on both flour and mini chocolate chips, so adjust accordingly as you like. I used only 2 cups of flour, a little bit of egg white with my egg yolk and only 1 cup of mini chocolate chips per batch. 

The recipe rolls out nicely and I followed the normal preparation I do for other sugar cookies (rolling out in sheets and freezing for later use).

This is kind of a small recipe so if you're making it, you might as well double it... that's how I feel anyway. I think I only got about 24 average sized cookies out of one batch. I recommend a sturdy cookie cutter - preferably metal with this recipe. I used a somewhat flimsy cutter for my egg shapes and the edges of the cutter were pulling apart. 

It produced pretty crisp edges, which I like. You won't see any decorated ducks... we ate them as test subjects. I actually prefer these without icing.

I also tried out stenciling on cookies for the first time. I could clearly use some practice!

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