Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bridge Cupcakes

I made some cupcakes for my Grandma's bridge party the other day. She has been quite busy with lots going on in our family so I thought I'd take a bit of burden off her shoulders. 

At first I wanted to make her bridge cookies but found out her party was two days earlier than I was originally told so cupcakes it was! Cupcakes are far less work than cookies, but I get the impression people don't really understand that. 

I made this Perfectly Chocolate Cupcake recipe of chocolate cupcakes. It is not my favorite recipe as it is very runny and always produces a flat top. It is absolutely delicious and requires no fancy ingredients, the only substitution I make is that I never have whole milk on hand so I use whatever is in the refrigerator. I just have a very hard time with the fill level on these since the batter is so runny. When I fill too much, the cupcakes overflow and run all over the pan, they do not rise into a nice pouf at all. If you only fill the liner halfway it probably isn't a problem. 

 I made Cream Cheese Frosting to go with these and made card suits out of black and red chocolate melts to garnish. Grandma was very happy with the results and the fact that she didn't have to make a dessert.

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