Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You had me at Banana Bread...

Technically, I'm not talking about banana bread today. I'm talking about Banana Bread Rolls that I found here.

I bought some fruit at Sam's Club the other day and it refused to ripen. The bananas went from still slightly green to almost brown overnight. Now, I like a ripe banana but I can only eat so many of them. 

These rolls were pretty easy to make and even though I haven't worked with yeast in a while they came together very easily. And they were delicious, did I mention that? 

I made them a second time and skipped the caramel and opted for a cream cheese based frosting. Also delicious. And I didn't have to watch my husband pick the pecans out of the caramel sauce (sometimes I wonder about him). 

Sorry about the long silence - I misplaced my camera for a couple weeks. And we're down to 6 weeks and a few days until Baby is due! 

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