Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cake Stand Project

I have one of these boring old cake stands and decided to get a little crafty with it. I have this stand from Wilton, the floating tiers cake stand. I'm sure it looks fine if you're actually presenting cakes on it, but I tend to use it for cupcakes/desserts and it looks a

 For this project you will need: some sort of spray adhesive,
A roll of pretty wrapping paper (something to hold the edges down too),

A craft knife and something to cut on (I'm using a self-healing mat).

You may also want to add ribbon to finish the edges, along with something to attach it to the side of your layers. I forgot about that until I was almost done. You should probably also measure your ribbon and make sure you have enough, don't just wing it like I did!
Get everything together, cut squares of wrapping paper to fit your layers, and then read the directions on your adhesive.  It is best to do the adhesive outside! You do not want the overspray settling on your coffee table, couch, dogs, etc... Also, find something to weigh the corners down while you spray so that it doesn't roll onto itself. Whatever you use will most likely get spray on it, so keep that in mind.
My adhesive had directions for both a temporary and permanent bond. I want to be able to remove this, so I followed the temporary bond directions. Spray the back side of the wrapping paper, let it sit for 3 - 5 minutes and then press the top of our cake stand layer onto it. Repeat with remaining layers.
Go make dinner or do something for an hour so it has time to set.

 Your layers should look something like this.
 Set your circles ugly side up on your cutting mat or surface and follow the edge as closely as you can with your craft knife, trying to avoid slicing off any of the plastic from the actual cake stand layer. When you get to the bigger circles be careful you don't drift off the mat/cutting surface. The biggest circle in this set is 16" in diameter so I had to adjust it every few inches while cutting since my mat is only 12" square.
 Here's the smallest layer, looking all pretty.
 All three finished and ready for the finishing touches.
 Do you remember how I mentioned winging it? This is how much ribbon I had left on my spool when I finished. Just over 2" is a little too close for comfort.
The ribbon was my least favorite part of this project. I attached the ribbon on the smallest circle by using small Zots which was kind of a pain. I decided to use a hot glue gun on the bigger circles which was also a pain. I think that the disposable stands that are on the market are probably easier to put ribbon on as they have a flat edge whereas the edge on this stand is definitely rounded and doesn't have a good sticking surface.
Here's the finished product in crappy lighting! I didn't feel like screwing everything together so this was a little wobbly. No treats to show off on it yet but soon, I promise.

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  1. It looked really good with the cupcakes on it, but it would have looked even better with my Animal Cracker Cookies on it :)

    Of course you "may" have helped me with those just a tiny bit!