Thursday, August 23, 2012


I bought a doughnut pan a while back and have only used it a couple times. But doughnuts are pretty too, right? I only bought one pan but recommend getting two as most recipes seem to make 12 doughnuts (or more).  I threw the extra batter in a mini muffin pan rather than waiting for this one to cool enough to do another batch.

 I didn't get fancy and make up my own recipe, I just used the recipe that came with the pan. Except that recipe calls for cake flour and I used whole wheat pastry flour because I had it. These doughnuts definitely had a wheaty taste. I will have to make them again with cake flour or try another recipe altogether. Chocolate maybe?

I don't recommend their recipe for the chocolate sauce. It tastes good but is a mess and never sets up. If you're fond of a chocolate mess, go ahead and make their recipe. I recommend something like Hard Chocolate Glaze, if you make this recipe, halve or quarter it though, this would be way too much as written.  

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