Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Poinsettia

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas  and Santa brought you something that made you smile. I have had a very busy Christmas season and while I intended to post more cookies, it just didn't happen. I should have asked Santa for a clone of myself that could take care of all the things I never seem to have time for.

This year I made time to bake and decorate an entire batch of gingerbread cookies for my grandma's Christmas gathering. I shamelessly stole this idea from here and I love how it turned out.

I used my largest fondant leaf cutter and made a LOT of these cookies. I didn't count, but there were over 100...

Then rather than color icing red, I iced them white and then air brushed them red.

I did this because I wasn't sure how much icing I would really need and if I ran out, it's hard to get the color exactly the same when I made a second batch. I do have to say our white socks picked up some red over spray the rest of the day. And blowing your nose after airbrushing... not pretty. I should probably be a little more careful with that!

I made the center cookie with a large flower cutter, iced it white and sprayed it with Avocado green. Then I added swirls with a different green and dropped on sugar pearls that I had tinted myself with gold food coloring.

Happy Holidays!

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