Sunday, November 11, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast almost 2 weeks ago and just over a week later they were hit with a Noreaster that brought snow to an already devastated area. Every one of the people I've talked to from the area was affected either at work or at home. Last week one of my contacts said they hoped the weekend brought them some sunshine. I made these to send out to them in hopes that they'll bring a smile to someone's face.

This was the first time I played with the air brush my husband gave me last month. I am definitely not so good at precision just yet. I did have fun though.
 A little silver lining for the cloud. Also - I covered the cloud as well as I could but still got a little yellow and orange spray on it. Will have to be more careful in the future.

For the swirly suns I air brushed the base layer and then added the swirl in a pale yellow. I wanted the swirls to be darker and knew I wasn't going to accomplish that with the air brush so I used the orange "sheen" air brush paint and just painted it on with a brush. I like how they turned out!

One of my coworkers said she'd pay to overnight these out to our friends. I hope they enjoy them!

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