Monday, October 29, 2012

Family Reunion

I did a few cookies for a family reunion in Georgia that I wasn't able to actually attend. I sent them with my parents who drive all over the country to visit friends and family. My mom isn't even retired yet, I can't imagine  how much travelling they'll do when she doesn't have to report in to work anymore.

Here are the cookies:

The letter H for "Hoover" was my first attempt at using my new Kopykake. I am not brave enough to do the piping directly on the cookie yet, but traced it with a foodcolor marker and then did my piping.

Some Georgia peaches, although the color turned out far more orange than I wanted.
Let's pretend it's a nice fuzzy peach color, shall we?

And some love from Minnesota.

All together now!

Hopefully I can actually attend the reunion next year!

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