Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fun with Chocolate!

Today I decided I was going to make cupcakes for my grandma and to finish them off in grand style I would make the chocolate butterflies I've been contemplating making for ages. I think there's a reason it took me so long to make them - basically because working with chocolate is not fun for me. It is kind of a pain in the butt and I haven't developed the skill and patience required to actually enjoy it. Chocolate is kind of finicky and my patience level isn't that high.

As I was getting ready to clean up I started thinking about what to do with my extra chocolate and "discovered" you can make your own homemade chocolate chips. I don't know how well these would bake up in a cookie but I'll find out soon! Or we'll eat them before I get around to making something and I'll have to find out another day. We'll see.

I'll post the cupcakes another day but here are a couple pictures of the butterflies and chips.

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